Vertical Gardens

Living Walls & Vertical Gardens – Lake Chelan & Manson, WA

What are Living Walls and Vertical Gardens?

vertical-gardensAny Home or Office wall, column or architectural feature can be used as the backdrop for your new living wall.

Living Walls and Vertical Gardens
are beautiful growing spaces.

Spaces that had once remained empty can now be transformed into richly diverse living walls filled with lush green plants, flowering plants and/or edible plants too.

Businesses are perfect for Living Walls.

And just imagine picking food or herbs on the wall of your kitchen, indoors or outdoors. If you can imagine it…
We can grow it!

Living Walls and Vertical Gardens enrich peoples lives and improve the quality of their homes and urban environments by integrating lush, oxygen-rich plants into spaces where we live, work and play.


Green Gallery Designs creates living works of art that are lush and strikingly beautiful. Plants make life more sustainable and add some unique natural patterns that are designed to bring diversity to your green environment.

Green Gallery Designs specializes in greening your world.

Please check out the many benefits below for creating stunning
Landscapes and Gardens for Residential & Commercial, as well as
Living Walls and Vertical Gardens for your home or workplace.

Residential & Commercial Landscaping ~ Benefits of Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens make the Chelan and Manson, WA a greener place.

We look forward to greening your world!

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