Benefits of Vertical Gardens

Living Walls & Vertical Gardens ~ Benefits

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We will transform your world with richly diverse and lush plants, flowers and… perhaps edible plants too.

We can design and change any space into living art.

Our living walls, columns and architectural features are simply stunning for their plant and flower varieties with soothing, subtle and exciting colours and uses.

Please check out the many benefits of creating Living Walls and Vertical Gardens for your home or workplace. Here are some of the highlights you will receive from our green living walls.

Green Gallery Designs specializes in greening your world.

Energy Savings

  • Living Walls are insulators that save energy for your building
  • Living Walls reduce heating and air conditioning bills

Urban Beautification

  • Vertical Gardens add the beauty of nature to many man made structures
  • Vertical Gardens soften the concrete look
  • Vertical Gardens add natural beauty
  • Vertical Gardens create an artistic statement

Air Quality

  • Living Walls improve the air quality indoors and out
  • Living Walls  are a natural air filter
  • Living Walls increase your energy; add Oxygen and reduce CO2
  • Living Walls reduce environmental toxins

Health and Wellness

  • Proven fact that greenery can improve a person’s health and well being
  • Greenery can have a healing effect
  • Greenery can aid in stress reduction
  • Greenery can help increase productivity

Building Protection

  • Living Walls reduce temperature fluctuations
  • Living Walls create a shield from harsh environmental conditions

Sound Insulation

  • Living Walls reduce noise pollution
  • Living Walls help reduce echoes

Property Value increases by 20%

  • Excellent return on investment
  • A valuable piece of art

Temperature Regulation

  • Helps lower building temperatures resulting in reduced energy consumption
  • Living Walls  reduce wall temperature
  • Living Walls reduce greenhouse gas emissions

LEED Credits

  • Living Walls qualifies for LEED Credits
  • LEED Certification provides independent verification of a building or neighborhood’s green features, allowing for design, construction, operations, and maintenance of resource efficient, high performance, healthy, cost effective building
  • LEED is the triple bottom line in action, benefiting people, the planet, and profit

Improves Quality of Life

  • Healthy Air – giving your space a boost of oxygen as well as humidity at the same time
  • Healthy Mind – a combination of light and nature bring back the feeling of warmer months which adds a serene feeling to your space
  • Healthy Food – access to nutritional organic foods that you can grow year round

The ModuloGreen Concept for Living Walls and Vertical Gardens

vertical garden irrigation system bvg1Green Gallery Designs is proud to be using the ModuloGreen irrigation system along with their vertical garden products.

ModuloGreen Products puts plants at the core of the system. This system creates an optimum root environment, which ensures plant viability while guaranteeing the most pleasant long term aesthetic result.

The living wall can be attached to any surface, thanks to a light and secure structure. Modules are made of ABS plastic which resists temps varying from -40c to +120c and is fully recyclable.

The ModuloGreen system is watertight and is mounted on the wall with a system of rails and composite studs. This creates a space between the façade and the living wall so that no exchange between the two is possible. The gap allows constant air circulation to ventilate the system and also prevents any risk of condensation.

vertical garden irrigation system bvg2The ModuloGreen Living Wall garden appreciably improves the thermal and phonic insulation of buildings and brings biodiversity and clean air to our cities and homes.

The System is flexible! The ModuloGreen System offers panels in 6 different sizes so you can customize your installation to fit as large or as small of an area as you would like to fill or to maximize the available space.

Green Gallery Designs creates living works of art, that are lush and strikingly beautiful. They make life more sustainable, and add some unique natural patterns that are designed to bring diversity to your green environment.

Contact Britt at Green Gallery Designs, so that we can discuss building a Living Wall or Vertical Garden for you. If you can imagine it, we can grow it!

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Green Gallery Designs’ goal is to green your world! Please check out a few image ideas
of Living Walls and Vertical Gardens for your home or workplace below:

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Vertical Gardens make your world a greener place.

We look forward to greening your world!

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