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green-gallery-landscaping-chelan-manson-waAt Green Gallery Designs in Lake Chelan and Manson, WA we create beautiful landscapes and gardens to love and be proud of. Landscaping, Living Walls and Vertical Gardens that are lush and strikingly beautiful are our specialty.

We can turn any property, yard or ordinary wall, column or architectural feature into an exciting piece of living art… just imagine the possibilities.

We create healthy, oxygen rich environments
for homes, offices and buildings.

green-gallery-commercial-office-landscaping-chelan-manson-waWe specialize in Landscaping for Residential and Commercial properties, as well as creating stunning Indoor or Outdoor Vertical Gardens and Living Walls. Imagine starting your day with growing excitement.

Making life better one plant at a time!

Many environments can be lacking in green spaces, but now any surface can be turned into a Vertical Garden. Living Walls will improve the air quality, add natural beauty and enhance well being.

We love planting ideas that will grow.

A wide variety of plants and flowers can be grown on Living Walls: edible and non-edible, flowering and non-flowering, as well as single colour, multi-colour and creative designs… even your Business Logo.

Landscaping Chelan & Manson, WA


If you are looking for beautiful and sustainable Landscaping for Homes or Office buildings and Commercial Complexes in Chelan and Manson, WA then give Green Gallery Designs a call today.

We can help increase your property values and improve your property’s curb appeal.

Simply stunning.

We will plan, design and create exactly what you are looking for, and if you’re not sure – no worries at all, we will create a design for you that you’ll love.

Landscaping, Living Walls and Vertical Gardens are our specialty.

We can create in any colour palette or theme you desire, such as wild and natural, manicured and refined, rustic and earthy, business and corporate – anything you dream of – we can make grow.

Check out our Landscaping, Vertical Gardens and the Benefits of Vertical Gardens below:

Residential & Commercial Landscaping ~ Vertical Gardens  ~ Benefits of Vertical Gardens

We love making everything greener.

We look forward to greening your world with growing excitement!

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